Type selection of peristaltic pump

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   Choosing the right pump tube is the same as choosing the best pump head. The general pump head can be fitted with various specifications of the pump tube. There are a great variety of hose materials in the market, and only a few materials can be used as pump pipes. Some materials have similar appearance. A good hose should have excellent tensile and anti extrusion properties. After a long time test, the pipe of the peristaltic pump has a stable flexural yield limit, which ensures the stability of the flow.
The selection of pump tube should meet the following requirements:
• chemical compatibility
   When selecting peristaltic pumps for pump corrosive fluids, the key is to select the correct pump material. The wrong pump will lead to danger, which may damage equipment and endanger personal safety. Please refer to the chemical compatibility table for each purpose supplied by the manufacturer of pumps and pumps. The pump must be tested before using new or unlabeled chemicals. A small section of the pump pipe is immersed in the fluid. Check the size, color, weight and intensity of the pump. If possible, test the pump tube before drawing the pump pipe. When the pump tube is compressed during extrusion, it will knead the chemical substance into the tube wall and accelerate the aging and disintegration of the tube.
   Fluid isolation is of great importance in many applications such as laboratory research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology production, and so on. A large number of studies have demonstrated that silicone tubes and silicon based materials do not react with various biomaterials. There are other kinds of materials that also have such properties, and can meet the requirements of USP Class VI.
   Note: after running for a long time, some particles in the pipe will be separated and fall into the fluid. Experts call this "peeling phenomenon". In some applications, such particles can be observed by the naked eye. In order to minimize the stripping phenomenon, the frequency of replacing the hose should be increased.
Resistance to flexure
   The ability of different pipes to bear roller repeatedly rolling is also different. Generally speaking, the service life of the pump tube is determined by the combination of the specific parameters of the pump tube, the material of the pump tube, the type of the pump head and the speed of operation. The service life of the pump tube or the flexural yield limit in the pump is the primary consideration before putting into the new application.
Fluid pressure
   Fluid pressure usually restricts the ability of the pump to convey pressure and fluid. Most of the peristaltic pumps use unsupported pipes. The pressure limit of this type of pump is 2bar-3bar.
Hose hardness
   The hardness of pipe wall is very important for determining the pumping capacity of a specific pipe. If the pump tube is too soft, it will be damaged easily. If the pump tube is too hard, the pump will not work. The shore hardness tester can be used to measure the hardness of the hose.
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