Analysis of several breakages of peristaltic pump hoses and pump pipes

Provide:   Source:   Time:2018-07-02  
   Peristaltic pump hose as a peristaltic pump consumables in use may encounter a variety of damage, under normal conditions under the 100 rotating pump speed of the normal temperature liquid, the life of silicon hose can reach 200-400 hours, the imported A-60-F pump tube can reach 2000-10000 hours. However, during the use process, the improper wear of the peristaltic pump hose or the corrosive liquid will cause premature wear and abnormal wear of the hose pump. What is the cause of the damage? This is a simple analysis of the problem today.
   1. The cause of the damage of the peristaltic pump hose from the broken break: the damaged peristaltic pump hose, if it looks like a sharp cut, is usually cut by the wheel and flange of the head of the peristaltic pump. The cause of this damage is usually because the hose in the head of the pump is too long. When the head of the peristaltic pump is running, the hose slosh in the head of the pump and touches the flange of the wheel, and the flange is constantly cutting the hose. This damage process will be very fast, usually in about ten minutes will be completely damaged. With the damage of the pump pipe, we will see that there are a lot of hose residues in the pump.
   Solution: 1. When installing the pump, ensure that the pump pipe in the pump head is straightened, and there will not be too many hoses in the pump head. 2. At the same time, a special plastic clamp is clamped on the inlet and outlet of the hose pump near the head of the pump to prevent loosening of the peristaltic pump hose from running.
   2, from the shape of the damaged hose to see the cause of damage: the hose is completely flattened, lose resilience, the thickness of the hose is thinner, and the surface wear is serious. This phenomenon is usually caused by the wheel clamping, the peristaltic pump contact, the surface of the pump pipe and the impurities on the runner, and the high rotational speed. After the wheel of the peristaltic pump head is stuck, the wheel of the peristaltic pump is directly scraped through the peristaltic pump hose, which will increase the friction on the surface of the hose to cause the surface temperature of the hose to rise very high and wear the hose surface. The high temperature will also cause the hose to lose elasticity, the temperature in the extreme case is over 140 degrees or even causes the hose dissolve. Deform.
   Solution: pay attention to checking whether the peristaltic pump head runner operates flexibly; pay attention to cleaning the surface of the pressure head of the pump head; and properly reduce the speed of the peristaltic pump operation.
   3, from the damaged peristaltic pump hose size and shape to see the cause of damage: peristaltic pump hose may transport different liquids, some liquids will produce corrosion and dissolve to some hose. If we see the peristaltic pump flexible, hardened, inelastic, discoloration, discoloration, breakage, and so on, it is usually caused by the failure of the hose to deliver the liquid.
   Solution: find the hose material that will not be corroded by the liquid that is not transported by itself. Baoding snuo Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. has many kinds of material to choose the pump tube, can provide the chemical compatibility test reference data of most liquid, provide detailed chemical phase depth table for reference, help you to select the hose accurately. . You can also take some samples of hose to make soak test so as to make sure that the hose will not be corroded by liquid.