category:Intelligent flow peristaltic pump
Reference flow rate:0.0008-2416mL/min


Flow range: 0.0008-2416mL/min
4.3inch touch screen control and intelligent voice broadcast, more convenient operation
With hose aging alarm and leakage alarm function
Built-in Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, can monitor the status of peristaltic pump through Ethernet remote control
Optional thermal printer (print work log) and GSM controller (call or mobile phone alarm in case of failure)
Using high performance digital DSP chip, the control is precise, the speed precision is higher

Industry application:

Laboratory application
Biological analysis
Pharmaceutical equipment
Food and beverage industry
The environmental protection industry

Flow range:0.0008-2416ml/min

4.3 -inch hd touch screen, using parallel port control, research and design of alone interface compact; Touch sensitive feedback.

Pieces touchscreen peristaltic pump has a flow (transfer) mode, time constant speed, and quantitative fixed speed, timing, four work modes.

Mixer has the transmission/distribution total time statistics as well as the total fluid volume statistics, and other functions.

Pieces have hose timing function, facilitating the clients to grasp the hose have been using time, ensure timely replacement hose, guarantee the safe operation of the equipment.

Main parameters in pieces with screen display, customers can through the touch screen to adjust parameters, to ensure that meet the flow rate and accuracy; Have a key lock screen at the same time, to prevent contact.

Have intelligent start-stop function: customers can set their own according to need to start stop time, realize the artificial unattended.

Back to the suction function: back to the suction point 1 ~ 720, 0 for no absorption.

External control output function: can choose different output parameters, convenient customer timely grasp the equipment running status.