category:Small flow OEM creep pump
Reference flow rate:0.016-513.77mL/min


Flow range: 0.016-513.77mL/min
Stepper motor drive, flow accuracy up to 1%
Speed adjustable, a variety of options
Imported motor driver chip, excellent performance
Circuit board all three anti - paint treatment, anti - corrosion, anti - moisture

Industry application:

Chlorine dioxide generator
Biochemical analyzer
Flue gas on-line equipment
Digital printing equipment

      1. Flow range: 0.016-513.77mL/min

      2. Stepping motor drive, flow accuracy up to ± 1 %
      3. The speed can be adjusted, many ways can be selected
      4. Imported motor drive chip, superior performance
      5. All three anti-paint treatment of circuit board, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture