category:iPump series speed type
Reference flow rate:0.006-75.12mL/min


Flow range:0.006-75.12mL/min
Unique timing function, timing quantitative addition, more convenient use
Stepping motor driven, 128 times subdivided, high precision, low vibration, ultra silent
304 Stainless steel case, easy to wipe, corrosion resistant
Imported motor drive chip, superior performance
All three anti-paint treatment of circuit board, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture

Industry application:

Laboratory applications
Biological analysis
Pharmaceutical equipment
Food, beverage equipment
Environmental industry

        1. Flow range: 0.006-75.12mL/min
        2. Unique timing function, timing and quantitative addition, more convenient to use
        3. Stepper motor drive, 128-fold subdivision, high precision, low vibration, ultra-quiet
        4. 304 stainless steel shell, easy to wipe and corrosion resistant
        5. Imported motor driver chip, excellent performance
        6. Circuit board all three anti-paint treatment, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof