Application of creep pump in industrial field

Product Details
Customer requirements
        A large chemical company needs a batch of pumps to transmit the liquid to constant current:
        1. The liquid has particulate impurities and is light and viscous.
        2. The flow rate is expected to be about 8L a minute, and it is better to be larger.
        3. Strict cost control, easy to move, easy to install, require long service life.
        4. The lift requirement is about 8 meters. With an AC of 220V, the accuracy requirement is not very high.
        1. The user's liquid has impurities and needs to use an industrial series of products. The thickness of the hose wall is thicker, which is more conducive to transporting liquids.
        2. Using our S100-2B + JZ15B products can meet customer traffic requirements, up to 10L/min.
        3. The product installation volume is smaller than the entire product and is more suitable for nesting into customer devices.
        4. JZ15B Super corrosion resistance, is also the longest life in the same series of products, and the pressure can be adjusted.
Generate value
        1. The creep pump material is super corrosive and can transport most of the chemical raw materials, corrosive and corrosive liquids.
        2. The pump head adopts PPS material and has a long service life.
        3. Pressure can be adjusted, lifting up to 15 meters.
        4. Flow rate and accuracy: adjustable transmission accuracy of 0-10000 ml / min can reach plus or minus 1-2 %
        5. Use a hose to transport liquids. The original liquid does not need to pass through the pump body. The user no longer needs to worry about problems such as congestion or washing difficulties.
        6. This product can be selected for step or servo motors, which can be used in conjunction with customer control system equipment.
        7. Sino creep pump offers free warranty for one year.