Advantages of peristaltic pump

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   The fluid does not touch any part of the pump except the pump tube.
   A complete pump tube can be used from inlet to outlet without seams and no leakage of fluid.
   No valve, no siphon phenomenon.
   The suction pressure of some types can reach 8.8 meters.
   It can transport liquid, gas, solid or multiphase mixture.
   Some of the material of the pump tube can withstand the process of high temperature disinfection.
   It is easy to clean after use, saving time and eliminating debris or bacteria accumulation.
   Quick replacement of products - simply replace the pump tube - avoid cross infection.
   It can be used at any location (insensitive to direction).
   The flow regulation range is large.
   There are various types of pump pipes for selection.
   There are various types of drives for selection.
   Yi Weixiu.
   There is no need for too many spare parts.
   It can be applied to multi-channel fluid transportation.

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