Application field of peristaltic pump

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Laboratory field
   Peristaltic pump has excellent repeatability accuracy in small volume fluid distribution and metering. No need to install any valve to eliminate common obstruction and siphon phenomenon. Common applications in laboratory development include cell tissue transport, specimen decolorization, perfusion, liquid chromatography, and acid or alkaline solution delivery.
Food and chemical industry
   Many existing pump materials can meet the requirements of USP, FDA and NS. The use of peristaltic pumps can facilitate the delivery of viscous liquids and liquid with fine particles. Peristaltic pumps need not be cleaned and replaced by fluids. Common uses include: distribution of fruit juice, yogurt, seasoning, syrup, and filling of other foods on the food production line.
Pharmaceutical field
   The peristaltic pump uses non - polluting and non - corrosive pump tubes. The pump pipe that meets the requirements of USP VI level can withstand high temperature disinfection. A variety of drivers are available for the following purposes: pumping nutrients, pH adjustment agents and dispensing fluids in the media fermentation process.
General field
   The peristaltic pump can work in the continuous transportation of fluid, and it can detect and solve many difficult problems in fluid transportation in time. It can transport sewage, suspended solids, corrosive chemicals and other difficult fluids. The flow rate can reach 40 litres / min. A variety of drives can be used in a hostile factory environment. Peristaltic pump self irrigation and dry running ability can avoid catastrophic failures in many industrial systems. Some common uses include fuel liquid, etching chemical etching solution, printing ink, laundry chemical solution, grinding fluid, lubricating fluid and so on.