Classification of peristaltic pump

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   The use of peristaltic pump is to obtain the required flow. Therefore, according to the operation and use of peristaltic pump, it is divided into:
   1, speed control type peristaltic pump: the basic control function of the peristaltic pump, showing the function of speed, start and stop, direction, speed regulation, filling and emptying, power down memory, external control input and so on.
   2, flow type peristaltic pump: in addition to having basic functions, it has increased flow display, traffic correction, communication and other functions.
   3, the distribution type peristaltic pump: in addition to the basic control function, it increases the flow display, flow correction, communication, liquid distribution, return suction, output control  and other functions.
   4, custom type (OEM) peristaltic pump: with a series of different flow range peristaltic pump head, customers can design different peristaltic pump driving circuit according to the needs of their own equipment.
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