The future development direction of the sore peristaltic pump

Provide:   Source:   Time:2018-07-02  
   Now the highly developed commodity society, the diversity of commodities brings endless business opportunities to the packaging industry, and makes people's lives colorful. At the same time, excessive packaging on the other side is increasingly becoming a social problem. This kind of excessive packaging shows prominently on traditional festivals. For example, the excessive packaging of mid autumn moon cakes has greatly exceeded the value and even hundredfold of the moon cakes themselves. From a practical point of view, it has greatly wasted social resources and runs counter to the idea of low carbon society.
   A glass bottle has been divided into tens of thousands of bottle type. Peristaltic pump has to develop the so-called universal peristaltic pump in order to adapt to these bottles. The filling measurement is infinitely large from 0-, and the equipment can be adapted to all bottle types, and the accuracy and stability of the equipment and the practicability are greatly reduced. If the packaging industry has a standard in the future, the effective packing form, effective packing specification and the most suitable filling equipment are recommended for a kind of goods, which will undoubtedly make the resources and efficiency a qualitative change, such as the olive oil packaging in the domestic supermarket now. The specifications are basically the same, and there is not much change. This does not affect the use of the low-carbon society. Therefore, the development direction of peristaltic pump equipment is decided by the standardization of packaging industry.
   A peristaltic pump has a two-way equal flow capacity; no liquid airlift can cause damage to any part of the pump; it produces a vacuum of up to 98%; no valves, mechanical seals, and packing seals have these factors that produce leakage and maintenance; it can easily transport solid, liquid, or gas-liquid mixed phase fluids. It allows the solid diameter of the fluid to reach 40% of the inner diameter of the tubular element; it can deliver all kinds of materials, such as abrasive, corrosion, oxygen sensitive materials and various kinds of food, and so on. Only the hose is a replacement part, the replacement operation is very simple; the product is not in contact with any part except the hose.