The difference between the food grade silicon rubber tube and the medical silicone tube

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   Silicon rubber tube is a kind of rubber with excellent comprehensive and comprehensive properties. It has excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance, chemical stability, antioxidation and weathering resistance, radiation resistance, physical inertness, good air permeability, high and low temperature resistance, and can be used for a long time at -60 to 250. Therefore, it is widely used in modern industry, national defense industry and daily necessities of aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food and so on.
   Silicon rubber tube is widely used, so its classification is also a lot, common include medical silica gel tube, food grade silicon hose, industrial silicon rubber tube, silica gel special-shaped tube, silicon rubber tube accessories and so on.
   Today, we are going to the food grade silicone tube and medical silicone tube.
   Q: about food grade silicone tube and medical silicone tube, why should we provide relevant medical food testing certificate?
   A: both are used for health safety and human contact, so the requirements for production and use are very strict.
   The same is true for health and safety. What is the difference between them?
   The following are the similarities and differences between them.


Food grade silicon rubber hose
   Using the imported silica gel raw materials, using the scientific production process, using the batch process to produce the rubber, in view of the high anti tearing and high transparency of the gas phase adhesive, the super high and lower hardness of the mixed rubber, the functional mixing rubber and so on, this product has more extensive adaptability. The silicon rubber tube and silica gel profile of the traditional double 24 vulcanization process have the advantages of high transparency, tasteless, unchangeable yellow, and no frost spray, especially the solution to the color fading of black rubber hose and blue products.

Medical silica gel tube
   Using raw material imported silicone rubber, the minimum inner diameter can be 0.4 mm, through biocompatibility test, the response to human tissue is very small, the value into the body tissue will not cause foreign body reaction, no inflammation of the surrounding tissue, tube can be placed in the body for 20 days without abnormal reaction. The life of the silicon tube used for peristaltic pump can last for more than 175 hours. So it is widely used in medical and health care, such as drainage tube, blood transfusion tube, various catheters, silica gel blood vessel / belt, peristaltic pump silicon rubber tube (biopharmaceutical) and other industries, such as catheter, indwelling needle, trachea and so on.


Food grade silicon rubber hose
   1) food grade silica gel is a kind of environment-friendly silica gel with non-toxic odor and high  transparency.
   2) soft, good elasticity, resistance to twist and no deformation;
   3) no cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance;
   4) having higher tear strength and superior electrical properties.
   5) keep the yellow at room temperature, do not spray frost, do not vomit white, do not fade, keep water without scale and smell.
Medical silica gel tube
   1) medical silicone tubes are cold resistant, high temperature resistant, weak acid and alkali resistant, harmless, non-toxic and tasteless.
   2) high transparency, high elasticity, strong UV resistance
   3) not deformation, soft, electric arc resistance, resistance to corona, chemical stability, physical inert, non-toxic and non irritating to the human body, hydrophobicity, air permeability, excellent springback, permanent non deformation and so on. It can be used at -50 to 250 degrees, special requirements, excellent edge, and the use of epoxy ethane under high temperature conditions. Disinfection;
   4) conforms to the food and drug testing standards, and remains unchanged at room temperature.


   In short, most of the characteristics of food grade silicone tubes and medical silicone tubes are the same. The above is the similarities and differences between them, and I hope it will help everyone.
   The NOx peristaltic pump hose can be applied to food and medical industry for more details. Welcome to consult.